We are thrilled to announce the revamp of the African Cities Journal, the first bilingual (English and French) peer-reviewed publication dedicated to addressing the unique challenges faced by African cities from a transdisciplinary perspective. This groundbreaking journal aims to bridge the gap between research and practice by translating scientific evidence into actionable recommendations for sustainable urban planning.

Given the complexity of urban challenges in Africa, the African Cities Journal welcomes contributions from diverse fields such as geography, public health, information technology, and more (learn more about our Journal's scope and aims here). As a platform committed to fostering inter-sectoral collaboration, the African Cities Journal encourages the submission of innovative research articles as well as commentaries and project reviews from urban planning practitioners and decision-makers. Moreover, by publishing in both English and French, the journal ensures accessibility and inclusivity, promoting knowledge exchange across linguistic boundaries.

Join us in shaping the future of urbanization in Africa. The African Cities Journal is now open for submissions, inviting researchers and practitioners to contribute to the advancement of sustainable urban development on the continent.