Nova Cidade in Angola, Kiswishi in Democratic Republic of Congo, Damniadio in Senegal, Zenata in Morocco are among the growing number of new city projects In Africa. Several factors may explain this new momentum.

The real ‘boom” and appetence for new cities, contemporary form of the “tabula rasa”, give some flexibility to control and to plan urban development. The main research question will focus on the production process of cities and its economic, social and spatial consequences, through analyses in various contexts of new African cities. Discussions should take place both from a theoretical and an operational perspective, to question the role and the position of urban planners and politicians within this process.

Key words

  • Process actors
  • Land tenure
  • City models
  • Urban forms
  • Sustainable cities


Key dates
Call for papers:                      30 June 2018
Deadline for abstracts:          15 September 2018
Acceptance notice                 15 October 2018
Deadline for articles:             15 January 2019
Publication:                            From 15May 2019

Abstract: 1 - 2 pages (Min-max) 

Editor:Benjamin Michelon (Ecole d’urbanisme Of Paris)

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